Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Subjects This Semester 2…

Assalamuaikum…hi everyone. For this last entry I would like to share to all of you about my subject. After I finish all the syllabus, here I want to make summary what I have learn in class. Time passing so past, our final exam is around the corner. I have to work more hard to make sure that I could do well in this semester final exam.

1.BEL 311
For Bel 311 subject, Sir Izuan always teaches us how to make a good essay for term paper. Now I realize that actually sir Izuan not really hot tempered person, but sometimes he will angry when we not satisfied of what he want. I know that he fierce because he doesn’t want other person do as they like and also to respect toward him. Every week we should practice speaking to improve the way we speak. Sometimes I afraid to speak because know that I not good in English but I try my best. I like the way of sir Izuan teach us, we will go for speaking 2 week from now and I hope that I could do well. In order to make sure we can do well in final, sir Izuan give us with the essay question. From there, we can know where the wrong part we have done.

2.FIN 262
For this subject, our lecturer madam Saliza has finished the syllabus. I like the way madam teach us. I easy to understand but I know finance subject is hard. I still don’t satisfy with my mark from test 1 because I don’t get A for this subject, I don’t achieve my target for the test 1. This subject require student to make a lots of practice because it is the calculation and there also have some theory that we have to remember. Although I feel like this subject easy, I still don’t perform well in my test and quiz, maybe I careless and don’t remember the formula. I hope that I can do better for test 2 which will come in next week and the most important this semester final exam.

3.QMT 216
Prof. Ruhana has taught us well in this statistic subject. I found that she has a lot of knowledge not only in education but also in religion part. She always advice us to be a good student and the most thing is to faithful to Allah. PM teach us in the simple way so that we can easy to understand, but sometimes I can’t understand well because she teach fast. She also very kind person as sometimes she will give something to us such as chocolate, sweet and others. For test 1, I quite satisfy with my mark but I have to work hard to make sure I can do better and improve in final that will come soon. PM also will give us quiz every time we have finished each chapter to see whether students understand or not what he has taught.

4.CTU 241
All students compulsory to take CTU subject from part 1 to 3, which means this semester is the last for me to take this subject. For CTU subject, I like to look Ustazah Siti Aisyah because she cute person and not fierce. I like to come to his class and don’t stress when learn in her class. Ustazah also have lots of information about religion. She always advises us to be a good Muslim and Muslimah. She also will give us enough time to complete our assignment. For presentation CTU I am the same group with Ramizah and Syahirah, we present in form of conference. For test CTU, we still don’t get the mark, I hope that I will get high mark and can perform well in final exam for this semester.

5.ECO 211
Until now I am satisfy with my performance in this subject. Sometimes I feel funny of the way of miss Diyana teach us because sometimes she speaks in ‘loghat Kelantan’. May be because she is new lecturer, she sometimes forget something when student asking. Miss Diyana also will ask me whether I am shiver or not when she asking me. For test 1, I am only got 80 marks. I don’t satisfy because I target to get more but I grateful because can get A for test 1 and for test 2 I feel it quite difficult. In this subject student should know and alert with the economy of our country. I know that we as student should not only study but also need to know country news.

I interested to learn mandarin subject because it is new for me. We have to open our mind and don’t want to accept of any changes. I take this subject as now almost employer requires the employee that knows to speak in third language. So, it is the advantage if we take mandarin language rather than Arabic language that I has take when in school. I feel happy to learn in the class teach by laoshi Lim because he is a funny person. Although he is different race with us but he is kind to us. Now I know how to speak number, days, and others in mandarin language such as yi(1), er(2), san(3), si(4), xingqitian ( sunday), xingxiyi (monday), and xingxisan (wednesday)

For bpc subject, I learn how to handle patient. We should have the feeling to help each other not only in easy times but also difficult times. We are taught how to check blood pressure, pulse, body temperature. Besides that we also have practical after Mr. Halim teach us. He will show us the right way to take care and handle especially for patience that cannot move or paralyze.
I hope that you all enjoy read my last entry for this semester. And the most important I wish good luck for final exam. Hopefully we will get result with flying colors. bye2..Assalamualaikum…

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Memories of first day in UiTM...

Do you still remember how your first day in university? I still remember little bit that day, I think that the time running fast. Its like just yesterday I come to UiTM, but actually I now in part 3. I hope that I could success in whatever I doing. Now, I will tell some of my memories of first day in UiTM.

Before I came to UiTM, I feel so excited though little terrified and nervous too, excited because it was my first day in university and terrified because I heard a lot about ragging. That makes me feel so terrified because I don’t like the activity like that and hope that I will not have ragging. I also feel worried because I didn’t know any person. But I feel happy because my home located at Segamat which is near to UiTM, thanks to Allah because gives this opportunity to continue my study. When I arrived at UiTM, it is just at 12 p.m. I don’t feel anything different about UiTM because I has come to this university when I in form 4. After register, I got Zamrud College and then student assistant told me the right direction to go my room. I feel strange at that time because I don’t know anyone.

After my family send me to college and help me to tidy up all my things, they go back to home. That time I feel sad and want to cry but I don’t need to be like that because I know my home is just near. I feel lucky because someone beside my room approach me, she also new student but different course with me. So I don’t need feel afraid anymore because I already have friend. All new students have come 3 day early because we need to do orientation week or ‘Minggu Mesra Siswa’ (MMS), it different with ragging as we are serving as student. I still remember that at 2 p.m, all new students have to go to Masjid As-Syakirin to listen ‘ceramah’. At that time also I get know other friends. What the surprise is I met again with someone I know when I at matriculation, Afiqah which is the same course with me. I don’t think we can meet again. So that time I don’t feel worry because I also know my friend that the same class with me.

At 7 p.m, all students need to go to Masjid As-Syakirin to perform solat. We as new student is given talk by Ustaz that we need to perform “solat berjemaah” as it the best way to become near to Allah. That time as we are lucky because can meet our director of UiTM, Prof.Dr. Kamil, as we know that him a good leader and people. He has lots of knowledge and also he always told student that to be success, we should remember our creature, Allah s.a.w. He also a caliber person and has contribute much toward UiTM Segamat. I am proud to be a student in this university. Our orientation program last at 12 a.m at first day in UiTM then continues next morning.

It’s all about my memory of first day in UiTM. My first day in the university was good. It is normal to feel nervous at the first day in university, but I happy with my first day at UiTM.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hi everyone, we meet again in this new entry. We all have someone in our life who we most admire. From my perspective these people are essential for us as we have somebody to look up ourselves.

In my family, the person I most esteem is certainly my mother. She is the strong person I have met. My mother has sacrifice a lot in my family. Everyday, she will wake up early to make breakfast, and prepare us before go to school. I appreciate what my mother has done to me until now. She has to help my father to work since I have a big family and we all in family get what we want. My mother always gives motivation to me and other sibling to be good people and also contribute toward others. My mother gives me inspiration to be a better person. She always advices me that don’t feel helpless in life and try to solve all the problem with calm. She is hardworking and never give up although there have many problem in her life. I'm looking to follow in his footsteps so that I can be a better person and guarantee a successful future for me. I hope that I have a longer time to live so that I can repay back all my mother kindness.

Always Mom...

You were my fairy tale princess,
So much larger than life.

You were my angel and my witness
Through all my pain and strife.

At times you made me angry,
Great words I would proclaim

How someday you'd be sorry.
You were the one to blame.

But when I needed comforting
You always found the time.

Your words were more soothing
Than days of childhood sublime.

I'll hold the memories in my heart.
You're my mother, my best friend.

In political case, I most admire is Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad. He was the fourth prime minister of Malaysia and known as “Bapa Pemodenan Malaysia". He has contributed a lot toward development in our country and rapid modernization. During his governance, Mahathir embarked on various large scale national projects such as the Multimedia Super Corridor, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), the Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC) that have become symbolic of modern Malaysia. All this idea comes from him that other person don’t have the idea and don’t think to do like that. So, I am proud of him because he can make something new and the other person can’t do. It shows that he was a caliber person with a strong ambition to make our country develop as the other country. He also wants all citizen in Malaysia know how it is important of education that can determine our own future. He had always believed in the need for "education for the masses", with greater emphasis on maths and science, at high school level, in order to achieve his dream of a developed Malaysia. He continued to strongly promote his agenda of quantity-and-quality higher education during his term as prime minister. I hope that I can follow the good attitude like Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad that has contribute toward Malaysia development and make the Malaysia’s people in harmony.

Monday, March 8, 2010

10 things I hate...

Assalamualikum everyone…as normal people, I am sure that we have the feelings of hate toward something. But I hate something because I have my own reason. Let me share with you some of thing I hate:

{Stubborn Person}
I really don’t like someone who does’t like to hear my advice. I admit I am not good person and sometimes I also refuse to hear what the other said but what I am trying to say that I want they realize that we have to be good person. I angry with them because I love them and want look them success in their life.
I feel wonder why some people ego with other person. Arrogant people are those who failed to get respected by others because of their attitude. What I realize is they don’t like to smile with other person they don’t know. I don’t like the person like that who are selfish and like to show their cleverness. From their face and the way the walk, we can know whether they are ego person or not.

{Rude person}
I hate those people that don’t have feeling to respect others. Sometimes, I can see that there have people do not respect their own parent and old people. They like to say in harsh word with old people. I don’t know why they do like that, may be they think that they are good enough.

{Lazy person}
I am not saying that I am hardworking person but I want people do what I say. I will angry if someone refuses to follow what I command. Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired. We cannot to be lazy to do simple work as it can make our life become more trouble.

For me, materialistic are people who want to be rich. They like to spend a lot of money to buy expensive things and spending more than they can afford and buying garbage that don't really need. They are those people who were always preoccupied with material rather than spiritual or intellectual things. They also always envious when a neighbor or friends have this new jewelry or car for themselves want the same thing for their own self.

{Be Pessimistic}
Pessimistic means always look at the bad side of things; it’s the opposite of optimism. We as people should not give up on what we are doing. We should always try our best before our work complete and after that we have to accept whether we success or failure.

The person who are jealous toward other will not satisfied of what the other have. They always want to be better than others, sometime they will do everything even in wrong way to satisfied themselves. We cannot jealous toward others and grateful of what we have. Every people have their own specialty, so we have to accept everything Allah give to us. Being a jealous person is not good as it can give negative impact.

I don’t like people too greedy in all things they do. I always see that people nowadays are too greed to get what they want and forget about others. People now busy to find wealth and not contribute to others especially poor people. They do not think their income actually comes from Allah. Whenever time Allah will take back everything we have if we not grateful to Allah.

{Critic behind}
I hate people who like to critic behind of me. I want that person see me face to face if they do not satisfied or have problem with me. I don’t want that person get sin because we know that sin of critic is worst than sin of kill. We should avoid from critic others because we are not perfect person.
I really don’t like people who like smoke. Now, not even the men smoke but some women also smokes. I feel weird why they do like that although we know that smoke does not good for our health. I feel sad to look Muslim people especially women smoke, may be they do not know in Islam smoke is illicit.

Monday, March 1, 2010

10 wish of my life...

We all desire a lot of things in our lives. We wish for our future, our present, our life and for the life of our families and loved ones, for love, for money, success, power and so on. We wish and we wait for our wishes to come true. Many times things go along as we wish or desire them to be, other times, they don’t. Here I come along, saying it in a simple sentence. All that you need to do to have something in your life is to wish for it. I shall explain it and at the same time make it work in your life too.

#1# To Be Successful Person In World And Hereafter
I am sure that all Muslim people have same these wishes in our life. I hope that what I doing now will determined what I will be in future. I know that it is not simply matter to become successful person and get everything we want, so I will try my best to make this reality. I always ask myself what actually I want in my life and why we live in this world. I think to be success, we should not forget our creature Allah, because Allah will determine our fate but we should make effort in any work we do. The important is we should become a person that always remembers to Allah not only at difficult time but also in free time. The world is not only place to find wealth but the most important to perform religious acts to Allah.

*2* Life Longer
I hope that I will stay in this world in long time may be in 100 years. I want to make more merit before I die and I know until now I have done a lot of mistake in my life. Although in hard time I feel like I want to die, but later I realize that how important to be alive. I have to be strong person to face everything problem that always comes. I also want to make all my wish will be reality.

#3# To Repay My Parent Kindness
What I always think in my life is to repay back what my parent has done to raise me up. The only things I can do are to become good child and not burden my parent. I know that money is not everything and our parent merit cannot be repaid by money but by money it can make our life become more comfort. My parent especially my mother, she has done many things and sacrifice her time and energy to make sure my family getting enough need in our life. I hope I have time to repay back my parent merit and I will be like my mother that not give up although there many obstacle.

*4* Can Fly
I always dream to fly like bird. I want to feel how the meaning of free actually. If I can fly, I want to travel all the world. I also want to be free of all problem and sometimes I feel like it is better to be bird than people but I have to be grateful to what Allah has give to me. For me it easier if I have wing, I can do all the work fast and no need to walk. Just think awhile, it will be weird if people like us can fly with our own wings. Although we see it as an advantage but try to ponder that Allah has create people as good as creature, then we should not greedy and always grateful to what Allah has given to us.

Travel over the World
I hope that I could travel the world, it is my dream since I still child. I want to see the other country and learn new things from there. If I given the chances to go other country, I will accept to go there but I know it is not easy as we say. The country that I really want to go is London and Paris, if I given opportunity to further my study, I would prefer to go there. If not, I will save some money from now and go there until my saving enough. It is not impossible if I can go there someday. What the important is I have that dream and will work hard so that I could make my dream come true.

*6* Peace and Happy
I wish I can live happily with my family and get better life. I just want all my family always in good condition, health and safe from all the danger things. I cannot imagine how I can through my life without them. I realizes now that how important is family, we need their support in our life. I love my family and hope what will happen in the past will be make lesson in my life that not all thing in this world is perfect. I also hope that this world will peace and free from any war. I scare if our own country in condition like Iraq that always battle, I don’t know how to imagine their citizen feeling to face in that situation. So, I always pray to Allah to get security and far away from any difficulties.

#7# There no daytime
I also hope that there only have night times so that I can dream whatever I can dream. I want to my wish happen in real although in my dream. Although I think it is impossible that there no daytime but I really hope it can happen although only one day, but then if it happen it actually sign of doomsday. Besides that I also want this happen so I can sleep how many times I like because I am very like to sleep, I also no need to think of other things that always make me dizzy and sometime make me crazy. But this all I know cannot be happen, we have to believe that Allah is always made something with it purpose and benefit. So we should accept whatever Allah has decided to us and try to improve ourselves.

*8* Can be Angel
Another wish is to be angel. I always hear story about angel that have their own specialty and beautiful. I have many think to do if I be an angel. I want to help all people in this world especially poor people, people in trouble situation and in any problem. I wish that in this world have power and angel that Allah brings into this world that can help people in our life, but we should know that all Muslim people will only see an angel in heaven. The one thing we should do is to follow all things that Allah has command. I think it is not false if I have wishes to be an angel because I know how good angel actually.

#9# Become a Rich Person
It is not wrong if we have these wishes although I know it is quite difficult but it actually not impossible if one day I will be the one who rich in this world. I want do many things with my money if my wishes comes true. I want buy bungalow, luxury car, jewelries and others. Not only that, I also want to do good deeds, I will donate my money to orphanage institution and also build more institution that can develop our country. I will donate my money to poor people so that they can use that money to start their life by selling and business.

*10* To Get Married
In this stage of age, I hope that I can marry in the age of 27. I dream to have my own family with husband and children. I happy when see others with their own family. For you all information my friend has married two year ago and has a baby, so I feel jealous with her then I start to think of my own future husband. I hope that I can find good husband to guide to toward truth ways. So, from now I have try harder to find my partner since until now I still don’t have admirer.

That all for my wishes, I hope one day my dreams come true. See you all next entry…

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Classmates
For this entry I would like to share to all of you a little bit about my classmate. In BEL311 class, I have 23 classmates including me and what interesting is all of us are girl. Our BEL311 lecturer is Mr. Izuan.

2. Syahirah
I called her Sya. For me she is nice person and what I realized that she become more stylish this semester. What I know about her is she likes very much watch Korean drama.

3. Zulaika
I call her ‘kecik’. She is good student where she involves in Debate club where she become good speaker and can speak well in front all people. Although she busy with her club activity, she can get good result.

4. Isma
From my opinion, her character like boy. This is because she little bit brutal and ‘slumber’ person. She is not arrogant person beautiful girl.

5. Azlina
She is in part five this semester. I don’t know much about her because she new in our class. She told me that she likes to change class and so that she can get knows new friends.

6. Erin
What I can say that she is not snobbish but her face always surly. I always realize that Erin too serious in class and sometimes I scare to greet her.

7. Nabila
I call her Nabil. Her age is 19 and that mean she is our younger sister in class. She is slim and her face mostly likes Chinese.

8. Baizura.
Her closed friend is Zulaika. In class, I see she is quite person but I know she is actually talkative person.

9. Eza
She is tall person and good in fashion. Besides that, she is friendly person and has a good looking.

10. Adila
I call her dila. She is in the same wing of college with me. For me she is good friend, she has helped me lot when I need help, thanks to Dila.

11. Aishah
I called her Sha. I think Sha is friendly person where is not arrogant toward others, she also talkative person.

12. Jannah
I don’t know how to describe her but for me she is moderate person and she not talks many with me.

13. Shakira
Although I see she in class is not talk much but she also joint the debate club. This proves that she is good student.

14. Misnahaini
I called her Mis. Her closed friend is Shakira and she is quiet person. She is good and kind person.

15. Amalina
I called her Mon. Mon is closed with Nabil and Isma. She is quite chubby and not arrogant with me.

16. Kak Azie
She is our sister in class because her age is 21 this year. For me she is cute and her face also most likely Chinese because her eye is narrow. Besides that, she also joint in debate club.

17. Isya
I can say that she is chubby person and sometimes she like to bother me.

18. Dayah.
I think, she talkative and brave person. I always go to class with her in part one. Her closed friend is Sha.
19. Fatihah
She is tall person. She is clever person where she always gets good result.

20. Miza
She is our class rap. She quite popular among classmate may be because she is clever person. I also quite closed with her and I will tell with her if I have any problem.

21. Huda
She is pretty girl, in class I can see that she is quiet person but outside class she is talkative person. Sometimes Huda will be in bad mood and that why she become quiet.

22. Elena
She closed with Izati. For me she is calm person, not arrogant with me and also humble person.

23. Izati
Lastly, Izati is tall and slim person. She not talk much with me may be because I am quiet person but I know she is kind and nice person.

That all about my classmates. I hope that you all will enjoy read my entry..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Day

What actually valentine day? Why people greet this festival? Valentine also knows as festival of love. I am quite astonished that Islamic people also greet this festival. For those still do not know, let me tell to all of you some of my own opinion and fact about this festival. After read all this, I hope that we as Muslim should avoid from greet this valentine day.

According from what I have read, Valentine days come from pagan Roman, in the pagan Roman concept; it was an expression of "spiritual love". They consider this festival as important in their religion. The Romans used to celebrate this event in mid February each year with a big festival. One of the rituals of this festival was the sacrifice of a dog and a goat. Two strong and muscular youths would smear the blood of the dog and goat onto their bodies, and then they would wash the blood away with milk. We can see that, this festival is not good especially for Muslim. They do this festival because it is their belief of religion and tradition, but what about Muslim person. I want to ask whether in Islam, there are tradition of greet valentine day? Surely, it is not accept in Islam.

In Islam, it’s totally different because we have pure religion, we believe only to Allah. Although this Valentine day is like normal matter but there are rule in Islam that limit the behavior of all people. Actually Islam does recognize happy occasions that bring people closer to one another, and add spice to their lives. However, Islam goes against blindly imitating the West regarding a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day. Islam requires all Muslims to love one another all over the whole year, and reducing the whole year to a single day is totally rejected. There 2 type of love that religiously accepts and do not accept. Among the forms of love that are religiously acceptable are those that include the love for our Prophets Muhammad. It stands to reason that the love for Allah, and His Messenger Muhammad should have the top priority over all other forms of love.

So, I think we as Muslim should have awareness that Valentine is not our tradition. It’s the tradition from west. We should know that people who are heathen always make something to all Islam people so that we will follow their religion and tainted our belief to Allah. One example of the way the try to influence us by make Valentine day. For those do not have strong belief to Allah surely will follow this false tradition. As we can seen today, most of us greet this festival without having feel guilty. I want to ask whether in Islam, there are tradition of greet valentine day? Surely, it is not accept in Islam.

After all that I have said, I hope we together will work together to reject all this kind of festival that do not make benefit to our life. We as Muslim must know what is good and not.